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Professional Pet Photography in my Inner West Photography Studio

As a professional photographer I am very lucky to document some of the happiest and most meaningful times in people’s lives – I feel privileged to photograph generations of women together, first birthdays, newborn babies and maternity photos just to name a few. 

In the course of such professional portrait sessions, I also photograph lots of pets. They are a huge part of many of my families and most of our clients would never leave them out of the family photos or special moments. 

But, there are also the moments that come along in life that are devastating. They can leave us feeling broken and our lives permanently changed. The loss of someone dear to us or a beloved pet can absolutely be one of those moments.  

Over time I have had some clients call me to find older photos I took of their pets as they have recently passed on. It is of huge comfort that they can have a treasured professional photo to remember their family pet by.

So this prompts the question….Do you have beautiful professional photos of your family and pets? Maybe it’s time to check and see what you have in your family photo albums and on your walls.

If it’s been a while been photography sessions for your family and pet or it’s time to think about it if you have never had professional photos taken, here’s how I approach our professional pet photography in the studio:


Pets come into our lives and are with us briefly in comparison to our life span, but they undeniably leave the deepest impressions in our hearts. It may be that you want photos of your newest fur baby or your beloved pet later in life.

Each pet and each relationship is different, that's why each pet photography session is tailored for you.

Our sessions can take place in our Leichhardt photography studio located in Sydney’s Inner West. I can also come to your home. Many locations close to our Inner West photography studio are pet friendly. I can document your bond with your pet. 

Don’t worry if you think you have a difficult or shy pet, I have all the tricks – I am trained to work with animals and together with your help and some treats we can get some amazing shots.


I focus on your pet for some individual photos as well as some interacting with you and the family. For me I see my job being all about documenting the connection between human beings and their pets. I print and professionally frame these precious photo memories so that your bond and relationship is never forgotten. 


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