Simona Janek featured on the Carousel

Bridal trends come and go, and some stay happily ever after. But this surprising betrothed trend is one you may have missed. It’s a secret trend. A pre-wedding gift brides are arranging behind closed doors, with the intention that only the groom will ever see it. It’s called ‘For His Eyes Only’, and it’s a beautifully presented leather bound book filled with pages of the glamourous bride wearing lingerie. Former model, make-up artist and photographer Simona Janek is the creative genius behind the concept, which has gained great momentum. “Brides want to give their partner something special, sexy and unique as a gift before the wedding,” explains Simona, who styles the brides, does their make-up and photographs them, before collating the images into the bound book. “The idea is that it’s a personal keepsake for the groom, with stunning shots of the bride, often wearing lingerie. The concept is that it’s for his eyes only – a personal, sexy gift for the groom given on the wedding day.” Here’s what you need to know about the sexy pre-wedding gift brides are giving grooms…

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