Online dating profile photos- do you like yours?

Make a good first impression

Did you know that the ‘first impression’ timeframe is a window of about 7 seconds? In the digital world, that figure can drop even lower. That’s not a huge amount of time to grab (and hold) someone’s attention, especially in the fast-paced finger swiping world of tinder. In the business world, we’ve mastered the art of the ‘elevator pitch’ in our professional profiles – everything you the searcher may be looking for – complete with a professional headshot. You wouldn’t expect to win over that dream employer with a pixelated photo of you from your 21st birthday – so why should your dating profile be any less considered?


Common mistakes with dating profile photos

* The awkward cropped group photo (or the group photo in general!). You want a photo that showcases your best self and shows you are comfortable in your own skin. Cue Simona Janek. Refined from years in the photography industry and shooting corporate headshots to pregnancy portraits; you are in good (expert) hands! She has a way of bringing to life your natural spark, and it translates through the lens. 

* Too much makeup! Now don’t take this to mean that you shouldn’t wear makeup, but like most things in life, the key is moderation. You want to look like yourself, not like another Jenner inspired creation. Recognising your best features and how to accentuate and enhance is something Simona specialises in, both in her ability as a hair and makeup artist, and as a photographer – guiding you with the best angles to capture you at your most you!

* They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. So, metaphorically speaking, sunglasses are like blackout blinds, right? Sure you may be going for laid back, easy going and outdoorsy, but that snap of you at a friend’s rooftop drinks with your oversized glasses are probably hurting your chances more than you think. You want to appear open (read: trustworthy) and comfortable in your own skin. 

The whole package

Consider a photoshoot with Simona Janek like a day with a friend snapping your photo – but even better - she’s the whole package. With fresh eyes, as well as expertise in hair, make up and photography, the end result will be a dating profile photo to be proud of. You can also add a personal makeup lesson to your session.

And who knows, if all things go well, and the dating profile goes well – she can do your wedding make up!

For enquiries on booking your headshot with hair and makeup, contact Simona.