7 things you must know to achieve a perfect spray tan for your wedding day...

I spoke to expert tanner Deanna Rhule from Mobile Spray Tanning Australia to get the best tips.


1. How many days before my wedding should I get the tan?

We recommend 2 days before the wedding where applicable. This gives time for the colour to settle and any bronzer to be removed completely

2. How do I prepare my skin to ensure the tan is as even as possible ?

To have your skin in its best condition we ask that you exfoliate as much as possible in the week leading up to your tan, concentrating on hands, elbows, knees and achilles tendon. Moisturising is also very important with a god quality moisturiser. However, when having your tan you must have no Moisturiser, Perfume or deodorant on.

3. Will that tan come off on my dress?

It is highly unlikely that any tan will come off on your dress if you have the application 2 days prior to your big day. 

4. How do I maintain it afterwards?

Once rinsing off your tan you can moisturise to help prolong the colour and stay away from pools, spas and any vigorous exercise until the wedding.

5. Can the spray tan even up my existing tan lines?

A spray tan can help to even up any existing tan lines dramatically but will not eliminate them all together. It is best to stay out of the sun so tan lines are at their finest.

6. I don’t like the fake tan smell is there a way to avoid it?

Most spray tanning liquids will have some fragrance to hide the unpleasant smell of the ingredients mixed together. If this is the case, it should disappear after showering

7. Should I have a trial tan prior to my wedding?

It is HIGHLY recommended you have a trial tan. This ensures you have the right colour and application. Most new brides have a trial tan for their Hens night/day a few weeks before the wedding if they don't already have a spray tanner they know and trust.